D’ELidas USA is run by three generations. A Grandma, a Father, and a Daughter. We grew up with D’ELidas hot sauce on our table. We use it, love it, and have made it our absolute mission to bring world's greatest hot sauce to the U.S.

Formerly very difficult and expensive to order and ship to the U.S., we have partnered with the sauce manufacturer in Panama and import your hot sauce directly. We recognized a need for making this famous hot sauce available more easily and have set up shipping points centrally in St. Louis, MO, as well as in Florida to ensure quick delivery of your order.

We recently hosted a booth at the St. Louis Hispanic Festival, and the response was amazing to say the least! Thank you to everyone who took the time to say hi, and especially to those who tried D'Elidas for the first time.
D'Elidas USA at the Greater St. Louis Hispanic Festival
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 Beautiful Panama
We wanted to share some pictures of our beautiful country for those of you who’ve never been, or if you have and you’re just a little homesick. These photos are from a recent trip we took to beautiful Panama.
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